Dispelling our 5 favorite CRM myths:

This section provides some insight into the way our team thinks and our approach to success.


Data as a "Tactic"

Data is used in CRM implementation as a tactic to get a job done, rather than a strategy to produce more efficient business processes.

For years, Data Migration and Data Management has been a dirty word to CRM Consultants:

  • Product companies have not had a strategy;
  • No or Few solutions exist that are complete;
  • Companies have brilliantly implemented technology without a data plan (i.e. failed.)

We know from hard fought experience that the data strategy needs to be considered from Day One. If you do not have a good answer to these three questions, you need to stop and figure it out…

  • What are our data sources today?
  • Who owns these sources?
  • Who will maintain data integrity and quality?

We Think

You can create technical perfection in your design, usability, business process consideration, but if you do not pre-populate relevant user data, failure is in your future. Our phased approach to planning and implementation digs deep into these answers and “Data” will always be a concurrent phase to the technical implementation and rollout.


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