With renewed focus, product enhancements, cross browser support, and full HTML5 compliance, Relationship Charts is now fully under the guidance and leadership of the original development team, setting a new standard for relationship visualization, driving key business process adherence and end user adoption.

Relationship Charts™ for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM will forever increase the value you achieve from CRM. The well-worn cliché, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” has never been more profound than when visualizing relationship data within a CRM system. Users can rarely process list data into a hierarchical format very well. It’s just not how our brains work! Relationship Charts™ provides a simple to use solution to this user adoption problem.


Relationship Intelligence

With Relationship Charts, sales people see and manage their relationships with key decision makers, qualify (or disqualify as the case may be) opportunities faster, leading to increased sales performance. Management also has easy access to view whether sales processes are being followed to better evaluate projection data and analysis. When sales people have relationships with key decision makers, they sell more!


Improve Marketing

When people use Relationship Charts™, the marketing team receives robust data to better profile customers, define segmentation and conduct targeted campaigns. When you market to customers you know, and understand what they are interested in receiving, response rates dramatically improve!


Increase Business Development Results

When sales people have relationships with key decision makers, they close more deals. When the marketing team is conducting more frequent, defined marketing campaigns, response rates improve and lead generation results increase. These benefits lead to enhanced profitability, enhanced user adoption, and the virtuous cycle compounds to deliver significant increases to a company’s CRM ROI.

Opportunity Chart

Management needs to be sure those sales opportunities are correctly qualified to confidently forecast, and provide coaching when they’re not.


Contact Chart

People are more likely to accept a meeting if you are recommended by someone they know. Often, we have indirect connections with people, but just don’t know it. Visualize “Who Knows Whom” and how to get there. With proper segmentation, Marketing departments target more effectively who they communicate to, invite to events, combining happy customers and new prospects, driving marketing effectiveness.


Account Chart

It’s important for sales, marketing and service personnel to be able to quickly see their way around a customer’s organization. Management need to ensure sales people know and understand their customers. The Account Chart is ideal for strategic account planning.

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